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This 1961 film easily stands the test of time and is at the top of our list for many reasons. It’s based on a novel of the same name and was directed by Robert Rossen. Along with successfully rebooting the sputtering 007 series, this boisterous film helped fuel the Texas Hold’em frenzy with its insanely high-stakes showdown between James Bond and Le Chiffre.

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It is always interesting to watch a character in a desperate bid to win bucks while doing irrational things. While not based on internet gaming or casino gambling, Seabiscuit tells a Jockey’s Charming tale, a trainer’s and a horse’s rise from rags to riches. Jeff Bridges plays down on his luck with a lonely person but with one potential redeeming attribute of his life; Seabiscuit, a cowboy trainer seemingly worthless horse discovered.

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We can think of Casino as the second film in a trilogy on the historical perspective of casino and sports betting in the United States. Bugsy shows how casino and sports wagering started on its mainstream path. Casino shows us how corporations took over the gambling business in Sin City, and Vegas Vacation shows us how those same corporations target regular people. Eventually, Seigel’s dream of gambling as entertainment would become a reality. In Hollywood, Martin Scorsese delivered the film that provided a reason why with 1995’s Casino.

Four friends discover and accidentally kill a burglar — who may not be alone — in the kitchen during their weekly poker night. An ex-gambler is lured back into the game by a veteran insurance-fraud investigator. Film Daily leads on sharing all the secrets & upcoming releases in the world of entertainment. We also share sites like Rocketpot.io , a bitcoin casino where you can have fun enjoying greatbitcoin casinogames and win with your favorite cryptocurrency.

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Ben “Bugsy” Seigel Malone borrowed money from Meyer Lansky and Charlie “Lucky” Luciano to create the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. Warren Beatty gives the best performance of his career while the superb Ben Kingsley is terrific as Lansky. Seigel’s brilliance, and what most viewers who see Bugsy fail to grasp, is that Ben saw the Flamingo and Vegas in general as a way for the mob to go legit. Lansky and Luciano didn’t get it, which is why they shot a bullet through Ben’s eye.

  • 21 which is directed by Robert Luketic details the true story of six MIT students who were trained to count cards and their subsequent Las Vegas antics, taking Vegas casinos for millions of dollars.
  • Played by a youthful Clive Owen, Jack Manfred is a writer struggling to make ends meet.
  • Convinced he was a good luck charm, Gerry teams up with a young and charismatic poker player he had met in a poker game.
  • Rounders, I think, does a fantastic job at capturing this whole scene.

The film gives us an insider’s view of how Vegas was run earlier, and how the mob laundered their money here. One of the most fascinating films by Scorsese, ‘Casino’ is a must-watch for his fans. This movie has https://filmthreat.com/features/top-5-gambling-movies-of-all-time-2/ a mind-blowing ensemble cast comprising of George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Andy Garcia, and Julia Roberts. The film received widespread critical acclaim and was also a huge commercial hit.

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The story joins Stoner as he arrived in New Orleans, where he plans to go up against the best in the business at stud poker, Lance Howard. The game is arranged, but in the run up Stoner faces no end of distractions. While not a gambling movie as such, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas offers an intriguing insight into the dark underbelly of Sin City and American society at that time. Maverick eventually gets the money together, and makes it to the paddle-boat where the game is taking place in the nick of time. He makes it to the final round, and wins the $500,000 prize pot despite fixed hands and attempts to cheat.

And Alec Baldwin, the vicious casino boss, damn near steals the movie. Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13 make up this trilogy, and is based on the original Ocean’s 11 which was released over 50 years ago and was always a big hit with film reviewers. This film has a lot of different subplots, but the main focus is on performing casino heists. During the film they reach an end game with a member of the mob, where the winner will take home a huge pot. Sports betting is one of the most popular types of gambling so a lot of people will be able to relate to what happens in this film even if there are a bigger range of bookmakers available now for players.

top gambling movies

This is one for the gambling purists, who will be able to identify regularly with the character on screen. It also serves as a pretty severe warning against addiction – of any kind. Though not focused on online gambling or casino gambling, Seabiscuit tells the charming story of a jockey’s, a trainer’s and a horse’s rise from rags to riches. Jeff Bridges plays a depressed individual down on his luck but with one possible redeeming feature in his life; Seabiscuit, an apparently useless horse found by a cowboy trainer . Tobey Maguire plays the unlikely jockey who goes on to steer Seabiscuit to numerous victories in one of the great underdog stories of the twentieth century.

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Images and names of content we promote, discuss, review or report are property of their respective owners. Scified is independantly owned and operated by a team of dedicated sci-fi movie fans, who strive to provide the best information and community experience for other like-minded sci-fi movie enthusiasts. I fell in love with the Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro dynamic after seeing Goodfellas, but this movie was even better in my opinion. Directed by Martin Scorsese, this movie is violent, vulgar, but absolutely beautiful all at the same time. Worm has a huge prison debt, and a threatening character wants the money.

I won’t go into any spoilers on this one, but this film is an epic worth seeing. Witness what happens when goodfellas from the mean streets meet their wildest dreams of achieving, wealth, power, and everything else that comes along with the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Profits are made in the casino while profits are skimmed off the top by Mafia bosses. Ace has a massive headache throughout the whole movie having to deal with Nicky, who has his own agenda, wanting to become the head mob boss of Las Vegas. Despite Sam’s past, he applies for the gaming license, and we watch his ever-changing title become anything but operator of the casino.